Saturday, 16 April 2011


Redevelopment of Human Civilisation

The end of what was our human civilisation came when a super virus wiped out nearly all of the human race except a few who survived to pass on the genes. These humans immediately had to become nomadic and there was a massive dark age. Natural selection shaped the humans extremely. Unlike the last time humans were nomadic, the human's brain capacity had increased however the men were too busy hunting and gathering that they couldn't use their brains a lot unlike the women. The families that were successful were organised using the woman's intelligence but in order for the men to listen to the woman she had to be physically dominant. This caused a massive female height doubling and so a matriarchal society was formed. Because the woman was now much bigger, she required a lot of food. The families that had less women ie. enough men to support the women were more successful and that's why there are more boys born than girls.
If two families met whilst on the move the women would often trade men over in exchange for different men to vary the type of children they would get and also to be friendly to the other family. Although the woman had to look after the children the families where women had bigger breasts were more successful because they had more milk for the babies so they grew up faster and there was less time taken away from the mother. After the boys of the family could walk the mother gave them to the men of the family where they were trained to hunt and cook and also did other small tasks like making spears and tents out of wild animal skin. The girls on the other hand stayed with their mother and were taught how control the family and punished any boy that misbehaved.
When new men arrived into a family one of them would have been chosen to be married to one of the young women of the family. The eldest woman of the family would chose which woman would get married (the most beautiful) and a competition testing strength (moving a great big boulder), speed (a sprint) and stamina (a marathon). This couple will now be able to have kids together. Their relationship was often loving and the man wouldn't mind bending over backwards to serve his lady.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A lady is pregnant for 9 months for a baby girl and 6 months for a baby boy. The lady would rather have a girl because they are more important than a boy and there always a party after a girls birth. On the contrary, when it is a boy it is not so special and in some places the lady would beat her husband as punishment for not making a girl but of course it is impossible to purposely make a girl since it is completely random which sperm cell will reach the egg cell and so that's why most ladies do not beat their husbands. The average length for a newborn girl is 1m (weight 12.5kg) and the average length for a newborn boy is 0.5m (weight 1.5625kg). Primary schools are not mixed and teach boys who are 3-10 years old and girls that are 6-21 years old but in a girls school every class differs in age of 2 years whereas in boys it is 1 year. Girls and boys are taught how to read, write and count within the first 4 years and then build on other skills like creative writing, maths, science, history, geography, foreign languages, PSHE and ethics. Girls are encouraged to sing, dance, act and draw and boys are encouraged to play a musical instrument, act, play sports, construct things, cook and draw. All teachers at a boys primary school are male as it requires the least amount of knowledge for teacher.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The four languages the humans use are called Ümyprüzh, Glàmzöô, Özvemwór and Túdh. Each of these are spoken on the islands Ümyprimt, Glàmz, Özvèmwò and Túdhremt respectively. Unlike many other languages, these languages have words which gives you clear instructions on how say it using universal rules are consistent throughout the language. This practice has been going on for thousands of years and it is taught in every school, it also allows for different accents so the spelling would be different for a word in on part of a country if they say it differently. The first writing was done by rich ladies as they were cleverest type of people and they had the most freetime (females didn't do much back then apart from ordering males about). These groups of ladies then taught all the young girls how to read and write, this much easier than learning read and write English because these were a lot simpler and with far less exceptions. A few hundred years later all females could read and write and early literature was being made and other subjects were taught like maths and science. Civilisation grew and was able to be organised on bigger scale because things could be recorded like the law and history. However the only way on writing was using chalk on a black board or carving letters into stone if the writing needs to be preserved. Then someone called Ì-vlor Žèyùs (female) discovered that you can use an inked quill to write the dried pulp of a tree. This was a breakthrough, now books could be made with written paper in them that could last hundreds of years and post could be sent out. Women who were masters of writing could now become scribes or write novels and get paid a high salary. The teaching of literacy to boys wasn't done until a few hundred years ago because the work that males had to do was hard labour which didn't need for them to be taught.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Sexual Law

It is human tradition for any male to obey the commands of
any female unless those commands conflict with the will of the male's
mother or wife. Also, only females are allowed sweet food, caffeine and
alcohol as males get very fat and unhealthy from it. A lot of fat
often bilds up in the bottom and breasts of a woman when they eat sweet
food. No male can drive or learn to drive, if they want to
use public transport, they must be accompanied by a female.


Welcome to my blog about an imaginary future for the human race where women are 3-4 metres and the men are 1.5-2 metres. Human's now live in a matriarchal society which selects who mothers and fathers the next generation; they call them ladies and gentlemen. Women live an average of 160 years whereas the men live on average 80 years. The ladies are allowed to marry the gentlemen and have kids, traditionally seven. The girl:boy birth ratio is 2:5 and 1 of every girls will be declared a lady when they reach adulthood and 2 of every 5 boys will be declared a gentlemen when they reach their adulthood.