Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A lady is pregnant for 9 months for a baby girl and 6 months for a baby boy. The lady would rather have a girl because they are more important than a boy and there always a party after a girls birth. On the contrary, when it is a boy it is not so special and in some places the lady would beat her husband as punishment for not making a girl but of course it is impossible to purposely make a girl since it is completely random which sperm cell will reach the egg cell and so that's why most ladies do not beat their husbands. The average length for a newborn girl is 1m (weight 12.5kg) and the average length for a newborn boy is 0.5m (weight 1.5625kg). Primary schools are not mixed and teach boys who are 3-10 years old and girls that are 6-21 years old but in a girls school every class differs in age of 2 years whereas in boys it is 1 year. Girls and boys are taught how to read, write and count within the first 4 years and then build on other skills like creative writing, maths, science, history, geography, foreign languages, PSHE and ethics. Girls are encouraged to sing, dance, act and draw and boys are encouraged to play a musical instrument, act, play sports, construct things, cook and draw. All teachers at a boys primary school are male as it requires the least amount of knowledge for teacher.

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